Over 5.4 Million Cancer Survivors Suffer Chronic Pain

types of cancer pain

A new report finds about one in three cancer survivors (34.6%) reported having chronic pain, representing nearly 5.4 million cancer survivors in the United States. The report, appearing as a Research Letter in JAMA Oncology, finds one in six survivors (16%), representing about 2.5 million people in the U.S., reported suffering from high impact chronic pain that restricts daily functioning….

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Chemotherapy can Wreak Havoc on the Heart

chemo heart

Cheryl Krafft was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma and was put on a very high-powered chemotherapy regimen to rid her body of the cancer. What she was not counting on was the chemotherapy causing another equally deadly problem. “I was experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue during my treatment and I was eventually diagnosed with congestive heart…

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Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

cannabis cancer

Some studies on mice show cannabis makes cancer better; other studies on mice show it makes cancer worse. What did the one and only human clinical trial to date find? More information: and and How Not to Die and How Not to Die Cookbook, a New York Times bestseller

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